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Homely can save heat pump customers £444* / year.

Homely thermostats are a smart thermostat that can control the heat pump directly rather than traditional stats that signal a demand on and off. The benefits of the Homely thermostat is that your house will be heated to a comfortable temperature throughout and energy prices will be reduced.

Homely factors in:

  • Heat pump performance: Efficiency (or its Coefficient of Performance (CoP)) is considered across various outdoor and flow temperatures.

  • Weather forecasts: Accurately predicting heating needs based on anticipated temperatures.

  • Electricity prices: Dynamically adjusting operation based on prices that are either specified by the user or API-fetched (e.g. Octopus Agile, Nordpool).

In order to prove the effectiveness and efficiency of the Homely thermostat, tests had been carried out at the Energy House Labs facility at Salford University, Greater Manchester, UK.

The results of the Homely thermostat can be seen below and show significant savings against third party thermostats on fixed flow temperatures, and even against weather compensation thermostats.

To read more about Homely's results at the Energy House Labs facility at Salford University, please see Energy House findings supports Homely can save £444/ year with ToU tariff (

If you are interested in having a Homely thermostat installed, please contact us directly.

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