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Is a gas boiler really cheaper to install?

Installing a heating system that is kinder to the environment is a nice touch to any new build property but is it the priority on a builders mind? I would say not. The most important aspect to a builder is cost effective systems that work without hassle.

For a long time heat pumps have been considered more expensive than gas boilers, especially when you install them as a gas rip-out retrofit, but is that really the case?

We looked at multiple self-build & renovation properties and found that whilst the cost of an entire heat pump system is more extensive than simply hanging a gas boiler, other factors are not considered.

  1. Installing a gas boiler means a gas pipe needs to be fitted to the property. This can range from around £400 up to £2,000 plus.

  2. Heat Pump prices typically include radiator prices whereas a simple boiler fitment does not. Self builds and renovations will almost always require radiators upgrading to meet new requirements in Part L regulations (Radiators must be designed to a flow temperature of 50C).

  3. Heat Pumps and required equipment are charged at 0% VAT! Gas boilers and associated equipment will be charged with 20% VAT.

  4. Gas boilers will start increasing in value in hopes to phase them out. This will not only increase installation cost but decrease property value.

We will be keeping a close eye on this space and putting together case studies with builders we work with.

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